Be Undefined

There is a trap in which we as individuals place ourselves, and it is closer to home than we imagine; it’s your other half, or in other words, your alter ego. Who is it that you portray yourself as being to the world? I have certain friends who will only post about financial success, political inclination, about body building, techie stuff, or the like. Sometimes this behavior is obvious, other times it’s much more subtle, but in both cases, a person’s alter ego can limit their behavior, speech, and even thoughts.

I remember going to watch a few people running to be the representative of a local district, one of whom was a libertarian. Every time this person answered, he said, “well, as a libertarian, I beleive…” Really? Do you have any opinions of your own, or have you limited your own thoughts to that the libertarian party?  It’s difficult to believe that this person does not have one opinion that contradicts with the general party to which he subscribes, yet his answers proved otherwise.

Too often, I see people limited by the way they portray themselves to others (their alter-ego). It’s pretty easy to read in people. This is demonstrated in the way they have to live a life consistent with the way they believe others view them (whether accurate or not). If they think people view them as a party animal, they do everything they can to get credit for being one. People go as far as to define themselves in ideologies in which at first they know nothing about. This person is called “the poser.” -A person seeking to be justified by a particular behavior, even if they know very little about that particular subject. And there are people throughout the entire spectrum.

The problem is that whether we know little or a lot about a subject, we should be cautious not to allow a subject to limit who we are, and what we possibly believe. For non-christians, this would call them to be open to understanding about God by having an empty cup that is genuinely interested in learning and experiencing something in a way they haven’t in the past. For Christians, this is more a call to make sure we’re not putting God in a box. The only thing we should subscribe to as complete truth (regardless of your interpretation) is the bible, and realize that one person’s commentary or mindset even in regards to our faith, may not be what God truly wants for a person’s own life.

Christ called us to freedom! He didn’t call us to limit ourselves, but to freedom. “It is for freedom that Christ set us free” (Galatians 5:1). He called us to be free from a yoke of slavery (a spirit of religion), to be free from fear, and to be free in general, again not to put God in a box, but to be led by the spirit, wherever that may lead.

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