Called to His Path

As a follower of Christ our walk is a bit different than the average.

We must push against the grain.  We have to make decisions that are tougher.  In that, sometimes we lose heart in our day-to-day hustle.  We lose sight of the bigger picture that God does not ever intend for us to fail.  On-and-off, it is easier to do what everyone else does.


On any street in life we find center lines that divide the road.  God designed us to walk – if you imagine with me – as if we shrunk down to the size of an ant and walked right on that center line.  The center line represents the narrow path, the road less traveled.  The interesting part is that the line does not continue forever but breaks off again and again.

As we walk we could lose sight and not understand the next chapter of our path. A curve in the road could seem like there is no direction in front of us; but, what if we knew our blessing, our healing, our answer, or our refreshed hope was sitting just around the corner.  What if the road was turning to shift us into an unbelievable wave of God’s love.

We are all called to His path: the narrow path.  Keep moving forward.  Stay in anticipation for God to work something great in your life.  As the church we are the bride of Christ.  That means, we walk down the aisle with Him and He walks through life with us.  He never left and He is ready to overfill your containers as you press on to voyage with Him.  Develop a patience that is unshakeable in hard times.  God is not partial or unreasonable.   Through tough times it is our chance to build faith with a relentless hope.  By trusting that God is still in control, we display our faith in action.  So, be ready on que because God can do anything at anytime. He is just around the corner!

“For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.” Matthew 7:14 NASB

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