Sexy vs Godly Women

This article details meeting a sexy girl before meeting a Godly woman and why the latter allowed me to instantly realize what type of girl I really want in my life.

I’ve been single for a little over two years now. The only relationship I’ve had during that time period has been with my startup. I lived in a cave, infrequently seeing girls at all and interacting with them even less. Sure, there were few times when I would go out with the guys, but I was focussed to say the least.


About two weeks ago, I went to an art show and saw a girl who was the epitome of sexy. There is really no other way to describe her. A girl who is a friend of mine even made a point to say that she couldn’t stop looking at her.  I’ve heard that girls look at what other girls are wearing and that they check each other out, but she was the level of sexy that made it difficult even for another girl to stop staring. And my friend has a boyfriend, mind-you. The whole room was mesmerized by her. The depiction below is not an exaggeration.


We began a conversation and she impressed me with how eloquent she was. She was a communications major, apparently, and interested in acting. The conversation went so well that we exchanged information and I went on my merry way that night.

I contacted her days later and realized that she was actually a nice person. Maybe it was just me justifying it somehow, but I honestly came to that conclusion.  I could tell that she had a good heart; but, I also realized that in opening dialoge with her I was potentially opening up pandora’s box where temptation and my faith are concerned. Still, I decided  to appreciate her for what God sees her, as a nice person, in general, but also to be cautious, as in this point in my life, my relationship with God is most important to me.

A few nights later I went to a bi-weekly event at my church, Cottonwood, called Incite. I’ve now met a lot of awesome people at cottonwood, through my bible study group, and just in general. After the event, a group of about 25 of us went to Tea Station to hang out. The food was delicious and the company was great. And there was one person who really stood out to me.

At one point in the night, one of the guys in the group was discussing his plans to take care of his mom, potentially even after he gets married. There were a few people who agreed and others who said that it’s important to leave home and create a new life with his new wife, potentially; insisting that they’ve seen first hand how that situation can affect a marriage. I held a certain perspective, and it became apparent to me that the girl who was standing right next to me held the exact same values that I hold.  I’m pretty good at reading body language and I realized that we were actually standing together, in an, I got your back sort of way.

Everything she said was just so understanding and caring. As the conversation went on, we began to back each other up, through countless examples of how we would approach the situation. Her and I then began to talk to another person about the things that he was going through, and she seriously blew me away.

I’ve never met a girl who had so much command of scripture and so much faith. I was stunned. I finally understood the phrase behind every great man is a greater woman. I’m not nearly at her level spiritually and it is so inspiring to meet someone like her.  She made me want to do more, to be stronger.

This woman had a sense of caring and security in God’s plan that is difficult to find even in many believers. The force is strong in that one, for sure. I barely officially met her for the first time that night. I don’t know exactly what her situation is romantically, but it doesn’t matter.  I already have gained a wealth of incite from having met her. She’s allowed me to realize that there are millions of beautiful girls out there, but what I really need to be happy is someone like her. For that, I’m already grateful. I want to be able to grow old with someone who loves God as I do, and be in love for the entire duration of time. There’s going to be times in every relationship where things get tough, a woman who has faith in God believes that God will take care of her, and doesn’t sweat the small stuff. I’ve seen elderly people who have shown me that example and I hope to follow after them. All the beauty and sex appeal in the world can not lend that sort of happiness- a woman who is after God’s heart can.

Here’s what’s going to happen with my romantic life. I’m going to be with a girl whom I love. This girl loves God deeply. She has incredible faith in God and it’s inspiring. I’m going to devote my life to God, to my wife, and to my family. We’re going to have kids. And in our love filled home, these kids are going to be the sweetest and brightest kids. We’re going to sneak away to be passionate whenever we get a chance. Our love will sustain and nurture  an incredible family. Our kids will eventually come and spend time with us because they love us and enjoy spending time with us, even though they’re now grown themselves. But we will still have each other, and we will go on walks in our old age, and take care of each other. I will still hold her hand and on our millionth date. Relationships like this are far more rewarding than any superficial relationship. This is the sort of love that God has created for us; this is the sort of love that I want to share with my future wife.

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